Good To The Last Bite

Today I started the day with a stack of pancakes, some turkey bacon topped off with maple syrup, it was delicious great way to started a Sunday(that’s the day I wrote this, by now its Tuesday) it’s a shame it wasn’t in bed, my partner hates breakfast in bed , he says I will get crumbs everywhere which is probably true haha.

As we are approaching October I thought I would give some Halloween projects a go. Now I don’t usually do Halloween stuff so the paper I am using is a little dated. I got it off the Stampin UP clearance rack last year and haven’t used it and I’m not allowed any more Halloween paper till I use up the old one (self imposed rule to stop me from hoarding paper), which is a shame really because this year papers are absolutely adorable so you should check it out.

To start with I made these really cute little bags? Folds? Not really sure what you would call it but I seen them in new Autum winter catalog on page 46 and thought those are cute I want to make some, problem is it didn’t have any instructions on how big they where. I thought they were little bags but turns out it’s just folded strips of paper with a itty bitty bag of sweets in the center stapled together but they still look great.

They look good don’t they? I made a lot of them I hope it doesn’t rain this year as I really want to give them out to all the children who knock on the door and it would be a shame for them to get wet. For the tags I have used the stamp Good To The Last Bite which is from the amazing Merry Everything stamp set available in the annual catalogue .This stamp set is actually the first Stampin Up stamp set I bought so it’s very special to me. I haven’t been stamping that long, just a year and it’s flown by but I have been having lots of fun learning new things and I have met some wonderful people and hope to continue making and crafting for a long time.

Thanks for stopping by, come back again soon.


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