Watercolour Wings Card Collection

Today was my eldest sisters birthday (there are five of us and I am number 4) or yesterday as I am writing this Monday but posting it Tuesday. Anyway as part of her birthday present I made her a card collection using watercolor wings which is a fantastic stamp set and she just happens to love watercolour effects so It went down a treat and as she has already seen and opened it can now share it with everyone.

There are five cards in total in this collection and I even made a little box for them to go in.

The box base was really easy to make but that lovely see through lid was a pain. The base is 6-¾” x 5-¼” and the lid is cut from a window sheet at 6-11/16” x 5-3/16 and that was the easy part. The difficulty is in trying to get the window sheet to bend and stick to itself. I had to score each edge multiple times and press really hard with the boon folder and even then it was a little reluctant. At the time I didn’t have anything stronger than fast fuse so I had to hold the tabs down for a while just to get them to stick.

Well enough about the box take a look at the lovely cards below.

Each one uses a different colour combination and the way this stamp set works is that each section of the butterfly is a different stamp and all of the stamps are clear so it make it easier to line them up when stamping. The way I stamped my butterfly was I picked two colours, stamped the lightest colour as the base but stamped off once before stamping the card. Then the outer wing edge stamp I used the same colour as the base only this time I didn’t stamp off. For the wing pattern and body stamp I use the darker colour and then a brown colour for the anteaters.

The top and bottom of each card was stamped using a dotty stamp from the stamp set.

If you’re unsure of how you want your butterflies to look I suggest experimenting on a scrap piece of paper till you happy with your technique.

Thanks for stopping by, come back again soon.


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