Triumphant Return

Well I am finally back!

So for a couple of months I took some time out from my craft blog as I was getting a little stressed with work and learning to drive along with a multitude of other things that I wont bore you with. Needless to say my crafting suffered because of this and I just lost interest in posting all together but I think I have finally got my mojo back and I am ready to start posting again and to kick things off I have to decided to do a post every day this week all based around one single stamp set. After that things will go back to my three times a week schedule but I will be posting what every project I feel like on those day rather than trying to force a particular theme out like always birthday card this day and a 3d project this day.

So the stamp set I will be showcasing is the  That Thing You Did” and the card that I made is cased right out of the catty on page 97 where you can find the stamp set, and yes I have made all three of these and over the next few days I will describe how I made each one. The cards are so cool looking I thought each one deserved its own post.

Up first is the Hello Honey vintage card.

I think this card is the one I found most tricky due to that lovely white center piece. I had no idea how to cut that the right shape. I am sure there is some easy way of doing but to start with I actually drew on the card base to figure out how wide I wanted it and the angle I wanted it then I cut a piece of whisper white to fit the desired shape that I drew out.

I then stamped on the white it in hello honey. Now in the catty that colour looks really bright but in reality it is a little darker. Thats professional photography for you. The blue used on this card is Lost Lagoon and I love this colour but this also looks darker than the catty version, maybe I’m just using too much ink? Anyway the card is really easy after this point so give it a go with your favourite colours and let me know how it turns out.

Thanks for stopping by, come back again soon.


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