Can I Make it 4#


Well that week flow over. I have been so busy lately between full time work, baseball, driving lessons and managing my blog the days just disappear. Luckily I have a holiday coming up in August and it will be nice to take a break and just relax. So this weeks demonstrator highlight is Sam Hammond Donald aka Pootles.

I am sure a lot of people reading have heard of her. She is amazing and has some fabulous projects on her blog and currently she is doing a week of 6×6 projects which means each box or bag is made from a single 6×6 sheet of dsp. The video that I really liked was the one where she shows you how to make a slim milk carton.

As it is really easy and it’s a quick watch with the video only lasting 8 minuets but she still manages to fit everything in from scoring to embellishing. Check it out here.

Here is the one I made.

I didn’t have any thin twine for a Pootle loop so I tied some vanilla bakers twine around the middle and then stuck my “It’s For You” sentiment over the top. In case you are wondering the ink I have used is Pacific Point to match the paper.

Well that it from me today, have a fabulous weekend.


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