Can I Make It #2

Its Friday…. Now normally I am super exited about the end of the week but this Friday marks the last day for one of my work colleagues. She is going on a grand adventure to various countries in her super cool van. She will be doing some work while she is away but who knows if she will ever come back to the office but I can blame her after all the amazing stuff she is going to see and do why would any one want to go back to working in a stuffy office. So this weeks project is the gift box I made for her present.

The video and demonstrator that I am highlighting this week is Sam from Sam’s Sentiments you can check out her blog here. I came a cross Sam’s video only yesterday. It came up on my suggested videos list and I clicked it simple as that but I am glad I did. Her video was great quality and she presented very easy to understand instructions/demonstration. Another cool thing is that she used the envelope punch bard to make the first part of the little box. I do love a good envelop punch board project any way to see the video click here.

So here is my box.

It turned out really well! For a change I didn’t score in the wrong place yey! It helped that Sam was really clear and concise with her instructions. Just like Sams box I used Mint Macaroon for the base and a piece of Cherry on Top for the outside of the box. I really liked the little ice lolly lip glosses in her video I went out and bought some my self! they are so adorable and reasonably priced that I may get more in the future as party favors or little gifts for my nices.

Thanks for stopping by have a fab Friday.


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