Mini Tote Bags

Its Friday!

That means its time for this weeks 3d project.

For this weeks project I decided to have a go at making those cute tote bags everyone has been making but because I am so frugal with my supplies I wanted to get the most out of my paper so I made some mini tote bags with the help of the lovely Bibi Cameron and her wonderful video.

I love her video the process is so simple and easy to understand and it only uses one sheet of DSP for each bag, Embellishments require more of course but to make the initial shape you will just need a sheet of DSP that is 6 x 6 which is fantastic as that is the exact size of the new paper stacks. You can also make four from one 12 x 12 DSp which is great if you want to make lots for a party favors.

For me I made these lovely three below.

One of them is an impostor!

Yes I know very naughty of me to use a DSP that is no longer available but I had some left over and it was my test one and it turned out so well I posted it with the others. The other two are made from the new Cherry on Top DSP. If you have seen my Tuesday post then you know how much I love this paper stack and why it was the perfect choice for this project. One thing I will suggest is use a strong glue like Fast Fuse or Tombo as I used Snail at the time and they kept popping open.

If you have any suggestions for my next 3D project let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, come back again soon.


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