One Summer Adventure

Happy Friday everyone!

Now I know Fridays are meant for 3d projects and I had a really fun and cutie project all planed out for this post and it was finished but at the last minuet I decided what I had made wasn’t enough and that there was more I could add to it to make it a lot more interesting so I am going to hold of on posting it till next week.

Instead I want to take this time to show you another kind of project that I recently got into and that is project life. For those of you who haven’t heard of project life before it is in its simplest terms it is the modern way to scrapbook, “Project Life simplifies how you document life and preserve memories. With this easier-than-ever scrapbooking system, simply pair your photos and journaling with pre-designed title cards and journaling cards. Your photos, these cards, and even your memorabilia slip into the Photo Pocket Pages (sold separately) and that’s it. The result is a stylish masterpiece that represents your life or whatever occasion you choose to record. With Project Life’s beautifully simple format, deciding what supplies to use or how to design layouts becomes obsolete, leaving you more time to experience life.” Amazon product description.

There are various card collections you can chose from some out side of Stampin up but we do have quite a few exclusive ones and for my project I have chosen to use Everyday Adventure and its accessory pack pictured below. Please be aware that this product is retiring on the 2nd of June so if you want it grab it now before it is gone, I am sure it will be replaced with another set just as nice if you do miss out.


I have never really done photo album or much scrapbooking mostly just card making. I have always want to I just never know what to write or the best way to lay it all out and I love taking pictures and hate being in them which is the exact opposite of this project as most of the photos in the one I am showing today are of me and my partner is the one behind the camera.

Now lest see my adventure.


All of the photographs I have used are from a trip I took last year to see some relatives and my 25 birthday party. I had such an amazing time yet we did the most mundane things and I think that’s what everyday adventure means, you don’t have to go to every corner of the world just to have fun or go on an adventure you can have it in your own backyard surrounded by the people you love. I haven’t wrote on any of the cards yet, I am to afraid as I am not very good at spelling. I also haven’t used many of the embellishments from the accessory pack as I was think of using them in a card collection.

I hope in the future to do more project life stuff as I really enjoyed it and its nice to have physical copies of my photographs to show to friends or even future children IF I ever have any.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.


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