Freshly Made Happy

Its Sunday!

That means its time for my Freshly Made Sketches entry. Now if you’re a regular visitor to my blog you will know that I use to post my sketches on a friday but because of recent work related events I have had to move it to a sunday but fear not I will still be posting something on a friday, as to what that will be you will just have to come back and see.

Now onto the sketch.


Now for mine.


This card is actually my second attempted at this sketch. The card I originally had planed to present was a larger card but my mum liked it so much she asked if you could have it for a relative’s birthday and that relatives birthday isn’t till later on in the month so I can’t post it till they have received, which meant I had to come up with an entirely different design. On the upside that card I made may feature in a future birthday card tuesday post.

The idea for the card came about because I really wanted to use a red card base the problem was i didn’t know what kind of card to make it into. Should it be a birthday card? A just because card? A thank you card? And what dps should I do and I have just got a big shot so could I use one of my thinnest in anyway. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do I was just spoilt for choice, so I thought if I pick the stamp set I want to use the perhaps that will help inform the rest of the card.

On Friday I had just received a package containing the goodies from my latest order and amongst it was a stamp set I have been wanting for ages Hello Life. So now I had my stamp set what about the paper? I have lots of off cuts of paper but none of them really fit the look of the card I wanted and then I remembered the stacked with love dsp that I had hidden away and realised it was perfect and from there I knew exactly how the rest of the card should look and I am really pleased with the end result.

Hope that want too much rambling, but I do love explaining how ideas come about. I frequent a lot of crafting blogs and some people have such beautiful cards and I think how on earth did they come up with that, as a lot of the time there isn’t much of an explanation behind how the idea formed not thats a bad thing but sometimes its nice to read about.

Thanks for stopping by, come back again soon.


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