Freshly Made Mambo

Friday already?!

It went by so fast :O

I have been so busy lately I have only had time to make the necessary cards for my blog and there are so many cards and techniques I want to try out. I think I need to better schedule my time especially as I will be returning to full time work next week. I may have to replace my freshly made sketches post with something that I can schedule in advance or move it to a weekend post. I will see how I manage next week and then assess and update you on the situation after that.

Now onto why we are here my entry to this weeks Freshly Made Sketch.

Here is this weeks design.

FMS Final 179-001

I like this style of card with the rounded corners for the offset central piece.

So here is mine.


Yes I did another easter card I’m trying to get the most out of my lovely For Peep’s Sake stamp set I just love it is so cute but after easter there will only be a few stamps that I can use out of this set on other projects, next week I will do something different, I am actually thinking of adding in new post during the week maybe something to do with project life or 3D projects just so things don’t get too stale.

Ok now that tangent is over lets talk about the card, I actually think I like this one better than last weeks.

You may notice my cards ar rather simple thats because I don’t have a lot of ribbon or embellishments so I try to make cards using the things I have a lot of which is card, inks and stamps.

Something else that is different this week I’m not going to explain how I cut down the each individual piece of card as some times reading that gets boring. I will how ever tell you that the card base is half a sheet of A4 folded in half so that A6, a lot of my card are this size as i can get 2 cards for every sheet of A4.

Thanks for stopping by come back soon.


9 thoughts on “Freshly Made Mambo

  1. I hate it when works get in the way of crafting, don’t you?! I hope your return to full-time goes well for you. I really like your line of chicks on the flag banner. Hope to see you again soon at Freshly Made Sketches!

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