Birthday Card Tuesday

The Weeks sure are flying by!

I have been so busy lately trying to find somewhere new to live and packing what things I can manage without till I do move that I haven’t had much time to craft, so for this week I decided to keep things simple and show off some cards that I made a while ago.


I actually had a little difficulty getting this stamp to print properly on both of these cards but that may have been because I was reduced to working on the floor at the time.

But my terrible stamping ability isn’t actually what I wanted to focus on, the real focus is that this card was so easy to make because its from one of Stampin Up’s fantastic simply create kits more specifically the Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit.

This kit is great as a gift as it comes with everything you need to make 20 cards including a mini stamp pad and clear block to go with the three stamps included. If you ever get stuck for ideas it even has a min instruction booklet with different layouts for the pre-cut shapes.

Another thing I want to point out with this card set you don’t even have to use it for birthday cards as it comes with a thank you stamp so for me as a demonstrator this is equally helpful as I could use this to make a variety of thank you cards very quickly or as a demonstration/make and take to a party.

The Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit isn’t the only kit that Stampin Up has to offer so if you’re looking for a fun project that won’t require a lot of inks and stamps they are also an easy introduction if you are just getting into crafting and after completing some of them you will still have stamps left over which is a good way to start your crafting collection.

Have fun crafting this week and come back next week for more birthday card ideas!


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